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Webinar: Project-Based Learning

Webinarium: "Nauczanie przez projekty na zajęciach z użytkownikami języka polskiego jako odziedziczonego"

Presenters: Izolda Wolski-Moskoff (Ohio State University)

& Justyna Zych (Uniwersytet Warszawski)

Host: Agnieszka Jeżyk (University of Toronto)

November 21, 2 PM (ET)

Zoom (link will be sent via email)

Languages: Polish & English


Project-based learning (PBL) is a proficiency-oriented instructional approach that supports real-world language use, fosters student engagement, and facilitates learner-centered instruction. These features make PBL ideal for teaching heritage-language (HL) learners, be it in specialized HL classes, mixed classes with second-language learners, or in experiential learning formats such as internships, community-service learning, and study abroad.


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