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Featured Submission: Agnieszka Jeżyk

Author/Creator: Agnieszka Jeżyk Affiliation: UIC/UCLA Title: Using Comic Strips in the Language Classroom Purpose: Students, at any level, can put their language skills to use by creating their own short comic strips, in the context of their language knowledge; the task is primarily designed to practice new vocabulary, or for reading practice which is stimulated by the images, but in other versions could be utilized to practice grammar in the communicative context Who: Any level Where: Can be an in-class activity or homework assignment Type: Task (independent or for partners) Duration: In class: 10-15 minute activity: out of class: varies Objective: The purpose of this task is for students t

Winner of the 2019 NAATPl Award for Exemplary Teaching and Learning Materials: Agnieszka Jeżyk (UCLA

We thank all participants who submitted materials for the NAATPl Instructor Award. The high-quality of this year's submissions made the Award Selection Committee's task both difficult and rewarding. We are extremely proud to have such excellent pedagogues as part of our Polish language teaching community at NAATPl. The 2019 Award for Exemplary Teaching and Learning Materials was awarded to Agnieszka Jeżyk (UCLA, UIC). We would like to thank the following organizations for their financial support, in helping us deliver this year's contest and awards: the Commission of Education of Polish American Congress, the Ann Arbor Polonia Association, and the Consulate General of the Republic of Pola

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