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NAATPl By-Laws (adopted at the annual AATSEEL conference in Austin, Texas, January 8,
Amendments to Bylaws (adopted electronically on August 11, 2020)
1. Name. The Organization shall be known as the North American Association of Teachers of
Polish / NAATPl.
2. Members. The members of the Association shall be such persons who teach or have taught in
the past the Polish language in North American educational institutions.
3. Mission. The North American Association of the Teachers of Polish is an organization
constituted to promote Polish language teaching in North America. The mission of the
Organization includes, but is not limited to:
- serving as an amicable forum of exchange of experiences and ideas
- creating a system of substantive and technical support between members
- implementing innovative techniques of in-person and online teaching
- maintaining the objectives and values of the organization and advocating for NAATPl and its
members in the academic environment
4. Membership.
4. A. Members of the organization are required to pay an annual membership fee established by
the Executive Board. Among the benefits of the subscription is free participation in many
lectures, workshops and seminars conducted online and in-person, fast access to essential news
concerning teaching Polish in North America (including job postings, and information about
grants, and fellowships) through our mailing list, exposure to the newest and most progressive
trends in language teaching, and being a part of the network of professionals and experts in the
4. B. Resignation. Any member may resign from the Organization by giving written notice to
the Executive Board of the Organization. The Executive Board shall respond to the notice within
14 days. Any member resigning from the Organization shall continue to be responsible for and
shall pay all dues and charges accrued on or before the date of resignation.
4. C. Suspension. Failure to follow the Organization’s mission may result in:
- a written warning (1 st misdemeanor)
- a suspension ( 2 nd misdemeanor)
- a removal (3 rd misdemeanor)
Some examples of unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to:
- jeopardizing events organized by NAATPl
- defaming the organization or its members publicly
- intentional impeding of the Executive Board’s work
- defrauding organization’s funds
The decisions upon written warning, suspension, and removal are to be determined by the
Executive Board reaching quorum (75%). If a member is suspended the fees paid for the
academic year shall be forfeited.
5. The Annual Meeting of the members of the Association shall be held during the annual
AATSEEL convention or at such time and place as may be decided by the Executive Board.
Notice of the day, time, and place of the annual meeting shall be delivered not less than ten (10)
days before the date of the meeting.
6. The Executive Board
-The affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Board, the members of which
will serve without compensation.
-The number of elected members of the Executive Board shall be five, including the President
and the Treasurer.
- To maintain the status of a non-profit organization registered in the State of Illinois, one
member of the Executive Board shall be a resident of this state at the time of their tenure.
- Term of election: Members of the Executive Board shall be elected by the members of the
Association to serve for a two-year term.
The Executive Board is primarily responsible for:
- supporting the President of NAATPl and fulfilling obligations assigned by the organization
- active participation in the Board meetings
- establishing annual objectives and goals
- coordinating and monitoring the budget
- organizing workshops, lectures, webinars
- maintaining friendly relationships with other organizations in Polish and Slavic studies in
North America and outside
- fostering amicable and fruitful relations between academic and educational institutions,
which offer the Polish language in North America
- promoting the organization
- recruiting new members
7. The President of the Association shall be elected by the members of the Association to serve
for a one-year term. However, the position may be renewable. Following the year after
presidency, the President shall be designated Past President and shall serve an additional year as
a member of the Executive Board.
The President is responsible for:
- arranging the Executive Board meetings
- preparing an annual report
- announcing general elections and voting on amendments
- sending out the information about the events organized by NAATPl
- supervising Organization’s website
- appointing Executive Board members to coordinate workshops, fundraising, monitoring
correspondence, and securing fees
- functioning as the first contact with AATSEEL and other organizations
- working directly with the donors and sponsors
8. Voting.
8. A. Executive Board and the President Elections
The Executive Board is chosen biennially, and the President of NAATPl is chosen yearly. Both
types of elections occur online 3 days before the annual meeting of the members of NAATPl
during the AATSEEL convention.
Election Process:
- Every member of the Organization who is not suspended or removed can participate in voting.
- Voting is anonymous.
- After the input from the members of the Organization, the Executive Board presents the
candidates for both the Board and the President’s chair via email to members of the
- Candidates with the most votes win the elections.
- The results of the elections are announced during the annual meeting of the Organization.
9. Fiscal Policy.
9.A. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year shall begin on July 1st. A budget for the coming year shall be
approved each year by the Executive Board. The President shall have authority to meet all
reasonable expenditures approved in the budget. Expenses above those in the annual budget must
be authorized by the President and approved by the Executive Council.
9.B. Annual Financial Report. By the time of the Annual Members’ meeting, the Treasurer shall
provide the Executive Board with a report of the Association’s funds for the previously
concluded fiscal year. The Treasurer shall also present a report of the Association’s funds for the
previously concluded fiscal year at the Annual Members’ Meeting.
10. Amendments.
Any two members of the Executive Board or any seven members of the Organization may
propose an amendment to the By-Laws. A proposed amendment shall be submitted to the Board,
which shall either place the amendment on the agenda for the next Annual Members’ Meeting or
arrange for a special vote before the meeting. A three-quarters majority of votes cast shall be
required to approve the amendment.
11. Recruitment of the new members.
New members of the organization should be recruited directly by the existing members of the
Organization and after the approval of the Executive Board.

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