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Webinar: Teaching Polish During the Pandemic

Three presenters:

Christopher Caes

Columbia University

Piotr Kajak

University of Warsaw

Joanna Pawlina

Claremont Elementary School

June 6th, 2020 at10 a.m. (ET)

Language of the webinar: English & Polish

Via Zoom: please email us for the access link


The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way of teaching foreign languages. Even though all institutions had to shift to remote teaching, different schools have taken different approaches to distance learning. The three presenters will discuss how their programs adapted to the new situation, and to what effect. They will discuss related topics such as the mode of teaching (synchronous and/or asynchronous), online teaching methodologies, remote etiquette, students’ engagement, managing online anxiety, and others. The webinar will be followed by facilitated discussion to allow attendees to discuss best and worst practices and to reflect on the future of online teaching.

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