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NAATPL Instructor Award for Exemplary Teaching and Learning Materials

The North American Association of Teachers of Polish is announcing a competition for the best teaching resources: NAATPl Instructor Award for Exemplary Teaching and Learning Materials

The NAATPl Award aims to recognize and promote outstanding resources designed to enhance teaching and learning at all levels of instruction (K-16). The Award carries an amount of $500 and a Certificate of Recognition.

Submission Guidelines & Criteria

All Polish language teachers (K-16) who teach in the US and Canada, and are NAATPl members, are eligible to submit their teaching materials. To become a NAATPl member please visit our website at NAATPl or send an email to


Submitted materials should meet the following criteria:

1. Creative and innovative supplement to existing materials

2. Based on authentic materials, if applicable/relevant to the task/purpose

3. Methodologically well organized, with clearly designed pre- and post-task activities, and teacher’s instructions

4. Tested in practice (e.g. has been used during class time and adjustments/edits have been considered)

5. Accessible online or submitted electronically to Anna Szawara szawara@uic.eduwith a subject line ‘LASTNAME Instructor Award Materials’ (e.g. SMITH Instructor Award Materials)

6. Based on the ACTFL standards (noting which specific level of proficiency and skills the materials target)

7. Non-infringing on any copyrights

Preferences will be given to technology-enhanced language learning materials, made freely available on the web.

Examples of Projects/Materials:

1. Instructional video clips with mini-lectures presenting grammar topics in English, examples in Polish, and topic-related exercises

2. Online reading comprehension materials with a set of pre-and post-task activities, with clearly defined language levels and skill sets they target

3. Interactive self-correcting online exercises(i.e. tests, quizzes)

4. Culture-focused units/lesson plans that include various culture oriented tasks and topic specific vocabulary

5. Video interviews with native speakers supplemented with transcripts and exercises

Submission Deadline:December 15, 2018

Award Winner Announcement:February 8, 2019 (AATSEEL annual convention/NAATPl meeting)

NAATPl Award Committee:

1. Anna Szawara, University of Illinois, Chicago (Award Committee Coordinator)

2. Erik Houle, The University of Chicago

3. Bernadeta Kamińska, University of Texas at Austin

4. Bożena Nowicka McLees, Loyola University Chicago (ex officio)

5. Ewa Małachowska-Pasek, University of Michigan (2018-2019 NAATPl President, ex officio)

In case of any questions related to the submission process please contact the Award Committee Coordinator, Anna Szawara

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