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Anna Rabczuk


Anna Rabczuk is an Assistant Professor at the Polonicum Centre of Polish Language and Culture for Foreigners at the University of Warsaw, she was a head of postgraduate studies in Teaching Polish as Foreign Language. She was a visiting professor and Polish Language Coordinator at the Slavic Languages and Literatures Department at the University of Toronto (2016-2018). She holds two Master's degrees in Cultural Studies and in Polish Philology and she completed her PhD in the Humanities (Linguistics and Language). Anna Rabczuk is the author of a number of articles about teaching Polish to foreigners and of a Polish course books for children, teenagers, and for adults. She has cooperated with numbers of universities, among others: in Germany (Potsdam and Mainz), Ukraine (Lvov), Scotland (Glasgow), France (Paris), Spain (Extremadura), Austria (Vienna), Iceland (Reykjavik) and Canada (Toronto). She has been teaching Polish for foreigners on her YouTube channel as well, it's called "Polish with Ania".

Her research interests are foreign language acquisition, instruction in Polish culture for foreigners, teaching Polish and Polish culture to foreigners, sociolinguistics, language politeness, pragmatics, methodology for instructors teaching foreigners Polish language and culture, intercultural competence, emotions in languages, Polish language correctness, modern Polish and Polish youth slang.

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