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Agnieszka Taciak


Agnieszka Taciak earned her MSEd from Warsaw University in Poland and her MA from SUNY Stony Brook. In the classroom for 14 years, Ms. Taciak teaches Earth Science and AP Environmental Science at the Centereach High School. Lucky to have been inspired by her own educators, Ms. Taciak aspires to make all learners feel confident, motivated, and comfortable to take ownership of their learning process. She is focusing on the scientific literacy and communication skills of her students. Agnieszka is passionate about encouraging her students to pursue careers in geoscience, hydrology, and meteorology by organizing trips and bringing speakers from respective fields to enhance the instruction. In her district, Agnieszka is involved in curriculum writing and Next Generation Science Standards alignment, and is a member of the Building Safety Committee. She serves as a professional development provider for the Polish Supplementary Schools of America, Inc., which provides (Language Other Than English) LOTE instruction to native English speakers. Agnieszka is an avid rock collector with an unquenchable desire to travel with her family to atypical vacation spots like Iceland and Chernobyl. As a NYS Master Teacher, Ms. Taciak is excited to collaborate with her colleagues to learn from their experiences on addressing the ways technology influences new generations of students.

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