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Teaching Spotlight

This monthly bulletin will spotlight teaching innovations and ideas for Polish language classrooms.  Instructors are encouraged to submit their ideas and they will be published on our website (, on a rolling basis, throughout the year.  All levels of instruction are welcome (K-16) and credit will be given to the submitting instructor, or teaching team. The submissions need not be long (see the sample template below), but the more information that is provided, the more useful it will be to our members and colleagues. Please email your submissions to!

Sample Template:

Author/Creator: (your name)

Affiliation: (position and school/university)

Title: (short and informative)

Purpose: (brief narrative summarizing the goal of the task)

Who: (level of instruction, i.e. high school, college, beginners, advanced, etc.)

Where: (in class, at home, online, etc.)

Type: (lesson, unit, or project)

Duration:  (50 min class, 10 minutes everyday, one unit spanning 20 hours, etc.)

Objective: (learning goals and outcomes)

Assessment: (how will learning be measured, is there homework)

Tools/Materials: (any website links, sample templates, materials, ideally in digital format such as website links or images, no full documents please)

Can it be adapted to a blended/hybrid/online environment? (yes, no, how)

Personal reflections/comments: (optional; speak to feedback from students or provide additional suggestions)

Sample student work: (optional; please remember to remove any student identifying data)


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